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At Betafeld, we're driven by a bold mission: to eradicate farm-level food loss. It's a monumental task, so we're looking for highly driven individuals with equally ambitious goals, aspirations, and innovative ideas to join our team. It’s even better if you're passionate about sustainability.

Join Betafeld and be part of the solution, working towards an improved, circular economy and a more sustainable planet for everyone, everywhere. Together, let's make a meaningful impact on the world!

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We’re proud to offer our employees compensation that aligns with Betafeld’s core values.

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A job at Betafeld means more than just work. It means being part of a team, working hand-in-hand with passionate, purpose-driven colleagues. It means gaining insight from first-rate, knowledgeable, deep science and technology innovators. Beyond all else, it means accomplishing remarkable feats alongside exceptional individuals.

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