Agri-food supply chain solutions that promote cost-effective raw materials sourcing and sustainability

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MatLoop – A powerful produce marketplace created by Betafeld dedicated to facilitating a circular economy for food

What we do

We build software to help businesses drive resource efficiency

Betafeld is committed to tackling the critical issue of farm-level food waste. Using AI and prescriptive analytics our cutting-edge platform – MatLoop – connects growers, cold storage facilities, trucking companies, and commercial produce buyers, creating a closed-loop agricultural supply chain and establishing a transparent marketplace for every farm produce, including USDA Grade 1 produce, surplus fruits and vegetables, and off-grade produce.

The MatLoop marketplace

MatLoop is more than a platform to sell and buy goods. It is a marketplace committed to a transformative journey towards a sustainable tomorrow. Each purchase empowers farmers, generates social value, and puts us closer to sustainable communities.

MatLoop marketplace

How it works

Enhanced matching capabilities

Upload your produce details and images on MatLoop, and let our powerful technology assist you with fair pricing and effortlessly connect you with the optimal buyers.

Quality verification

AI verifies available produce for quality and aesthetic imperfections, helping to categorize and standardize offerings while protecting customer liability.

Material valorization

A leading-edge materials valorization database suggests new ways commercial produce buyers can utilize available produce.

Logistical optimization

Materials are transported most efficiently with respect to price, operational constraints, and carbon-equivalent emission reduction.

What farmers and commercial produce buyers say about MatLoop

Turning wasted produce into profit

For many years, we have been waiting for a technology that can reliably connect our farm with customers to address the long-standing food waste and logistics challenges that we face in our industry. We see a clear market opportunity for your services. We would be extremely interested in partnering with your company as a customer.

Garrett Bartholomew

Owner/Operator, Cloverdale Farms, Michigan

Creating new business opportunities for the food industry

Your technology could help Matriark Foods in identifying new uses for specific nutrients extracted from vegetables for use in various industries and recommend processing techniques. Indeed, this would open new business opportunities for Matriark, and I am excited about our potential partnership.

Anna Hammond

Founder & CEO, Matriark Foods, New York

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Our platform's strategic focus extends across the diverse spectrum of the American farming landscape. With over 2 million farms in the United States and a myriad of commercial produce buyers, there is an expansive market share potential. Join us on the journey toward a more sustainable future where technology meets agriculture for the benefit of all.